Irish partners published in web and in a newspaper

The irish project partner Translex published diverse articles about the L2Path project and its outcomes - the language advisor and the pathfinder:

  1. online
  2. newspaper


Please find here international articles about the L2Paths project and the partners included:

Article in the german

The german partner iberika published an article in spring 2015 about the EU funded project L2Paths and its output the Pathfinder.

Here is a link to the article

and one for the download (german article).

Italian article in Citta Viva

The italian partner The Language Center published a great article about the partner meeting in Todi in spring 2015 as well as the language advisor training afterwards.

Please find the article here read to read and for download.

Newspaper Education and Culture latvian Article

The latvian partners wrote an article about the L2Paths project in the newspaper for Education and culture.

Please find the article here.