Baltic Bright Consulting and Training

Baltic Bright is a non-formal education and consulting centre. It has been officially registered by the Ministry of Education of Latvia as an education institution. The aims of the training centre are to improve skills and competences of adults in response to labour market needs, to promote their employability and inclusion, as well as to provide opportunities for personal development. The key activities include organizing training courses for individuals and companies, developing specialized non-formal training programs, development and implementation of lifelong learning projects. BB specializes in language training and offers courses of Latvian, Russian, English and other languages. To make language learning more attractive and to ensure broader access, BB promotes new approaches and methods: use of on-line resources, use of interactive white board, use of social media and ICT-based tools, improving skills of language teachers.

Baltic Bright has built up a wide range of experience in LLP projects. It has been, and is involved in several EU LLP Grundtvig multilateral and Grundtvig partnerships, in two KA2 Languages projects, Leonardo da Vinci mobility, Networks and Transfer of Innovation projects, as well as KA1 projects. Currently, Baltic Bright is the coordinator of 2 LLP projects. Involvement in these projects has made Baltic Bright one of the most active organizations in Latvia in the area of lifelong learning innovations and policies. This has led to close cooperation with policy and decision makers, as well as stakeholders, in the area of education. Thus, Baltic Bright has become an institution offering information and guidance on many aspects of lifelong learning.

Baltic Bright has administrative and project staff and up to 6-8 trainers representing language training and other training areas.

Baltic Bright is a member of the Association of Adult Education in Latvia and of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Currently Baltic Bright offers:

On-line and social-media-based language learning for individuals;

Training courses for companies and organizations.


2 projects implemented by Baltic Bright and related to Language Learning are

1.       JOYN 2.0

Promotion of independent and informal language learning, promotion of on-line learning and on-line learning resources; encouragement of language teachers towards the role of informal facilitators/advisors in language learning; strengthening the role of social networks and media in supporting lifelong learning.

2.       SuN-Com (on-going project)

The SuN. Com(munity) is a European Union funded education project for language educators. The aim of SuN.Com project: to build an online community of teachers and learners of several languages.

As Baltic Bright promotes and uses a variety of approaches to language learning and wishes to help potential students choose appropriate and flexible learning pathways.

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Employees working in the project:

  1. Daiga Bokuma
  2. Jekaterina Sadovaja