iberika Group

iberika group is a private education center in Berlin with many years of experience. We have been teaching foreign languages at three central locations in Berlin since 1996. Ten experienced multilingual colleagues work in our administration and over fifty academically trained teachers conduct the lessons.  Iberika group was established with an intercultural focus on the languages and cultures of the Iberian peninsular (Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician) and soon expanded into other languages (English, French, Dutch) and an incoming-area for German as a foreign language.

German integration courses regularly take place in the centre contracted by the Federal Ministry of Migration and Refugees. Integration courses include German language training up to level B1, but also intercultural knowledge and training for vocational integration.

iberika group offers translation services and is an officially accredited examination centre for the language certificates Telc, CAPLE (University of Lisbon) and of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. iberika has successfully carried out Teacher training for German, English and Spanish teachers since 1999, including both theoretical and practical lessons.

Because only native speakers are permitted to teach at iberika, in addition to the language, the teachers can also communicate valuable background information about the respective culture. For that reason our language courses are never simply theoretical, but on the contrary are also very varied and lively learner experiences. It’s not unusual for students to play games, listen to music and even eat typical regional specialities.

Alongside their competence in the transfer of intercultural and language knowledge, our qualified staff have acquired extensive experience in the production of multimedia materials (print publications, audio CDs, DVD ROMs, online games and the web) and the development of curricula for language training.

More Information

Website: www.iberika.de

Employees working in the project:

  1. Idoia Martinez
  2. Monica Seemann
  3. Sarah Fellmeth
  4. Jacqueline van Eenennaam